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We got the German Developer Award for Best Soundtrack 2010 (A New Beginning)

We are amazed to announce that we received the German Developer Award (Entwicklerpreis) in the category Best Soundtrack last night, despite very strong other nominees. Awarded was our work for “A New Beginning” by Daedalic/Deep Silver. Clearly the biggest award we can hope to get in our country.

Daniel and Dominik with their borrowed trophies, Daedalic with their intrinsic awesomeness

Daniel and Dominik with their borrowed trophies, Daedalic with their intrinsic awesomeness

Once again a little thank you to Daedalic for their trust and the chance, to Periscope for their work on the prototype soundtrack, and to the 200 people or so who shook our hands last night. What an awesome night!

My little thank-you speech (German), uploaded by Adventuretreff

ALSO, our friends of Sluggerfly and Rated A managed to grab 1st/3rd place of the Gamesload Newcomer Award for Night of Joeanne/Corporate Property, respectively. For both games we had the honor to help out with music and sounds, in the latter case we even provided the voice over. So, we actually were allowed to enter the stage 3 times, how awesome is that, really, so nice of you guys. Big heartfelt congrats!

Official Demo Song for Sample Library “Metallurgy” by Cinesamples

I was asked to provide an official demo song for a sample library: Metallurgy by Cinesamples based in USA. What an honor!

You can check out the library and the demo song “Droid Army Awakes” (end of the page) at the Cinesamples page.

– Daniel

Soundtrack of “A New Beginning” nominated for German Developer Award

“A New Beginning” is nominated for Best Score @ Deutscher Entwicklerpreis, which will be held on December 1st at Essen. It is also nominated for Best Game and Best Story. This nomination is really wonderful, thanks!

Medientage München Video now uploaded

We added the Medientage München video, which we helped storyboarding and provided music for, to our page Watch. You can also check it out below.

Thanks to awesome artist Erasmus Brosdau for the graphics, and to the Medientage crew for the extreme honor!

We provided this alternative music for the massive event in its 24th year, with everyone who is someone in Germany’s media industry, heads of every TV Channel and newspaper, 8 ministers, a lot of TV teams… Wow. I was a little bit awed when I attended the event.

The first jingle was provided by no other than Mr. Klaus Doldinger, one of Germany’s most famous composers (Tatort, Das Boot, Neverending Story), and is still used alternately. Cool to be connected to all that!

New Music for Medientage München

Today is the last day of Medientage München 2010, the big media congress in Munich, Germany. We were asked to provide music for a new intro video to add to the old one as an alternative.

As the event has reached its 24th year, the original music jingle is not becoming younger, either. It was composed by legendary Klaus Doldinger (Tatort, Das Boot, Neverending Story), so it was a big honor for me to provide the new music! Add to that the size of the event (with the heads of all national TV Channels and newspapers and 8 ministers present)…

Will post the new video soon, will have to wait for permission. 🙂

[EDIT] We have now uploaded the video.

Gamestar review likes our music

“The exceedingly well fitting soundtrack with its soulful and fantastic themes plays a big part in creating this atmosphere…”

…says the review of A New Beginning in this month’s Gamestar, the most important German magazines for games in my opinion. They gave the game an awesome 84%, and an award for Special Atmosphere.

Gamestar is one of the few magazines that evaluates and lists the audio part of the rating separately. For the sound they awarded 9 of 10 points, listing “very atmospheric music” as a plus, and no complains about music or sound (which we delivered). 9 of 10 was the highest sound rating they gave this issue.

We were interviewed by DarkFrequenzy at Gamescom

The Knights of Soundtrack, Dominik and me, were interviewed by LiveWire at the Gamescom , the technology and game program of Dark Frequenzy. It’s audio and it’s in German. Here you can listen to it:


We are working on Dungeons (Realmforge/ Kalypso)

We are happy to announce that we are working on Dungeons, developed by Realmforge (Ceville…) and published by Kalypso (Patrizier IV…).

The game is a fantasy strategy game which pleasantly reminds me of Dungeon Keeper. It’s evil, fantasy, loud, and dark – and so are we! Check out this trailer for which we provided all audio except the Kalypso logo: music, sfx and voices. I had the honor to voice all characters myself 🙂

– Daniel

Daniel interviewed by Wheel Of Games

I was interviewed by Wheel of Games about my Sound Designer and Game Composer Job:



We have worked on 50 games

Hey there, the number of games we provided audio for just reached 50.

Here is #50: The Undergrounder, by LowPoly Studios UK:

We provide Music & SFX for ASYLUM!

We have the trailer on our start page for a while – as it has recently been announced, Scratches mastermind Agustín Cordes and his new company Senscape are working on ASYLUM, a first person horror adventure.  And we provide Music and SFX (plus voices in the trailer) for it. I can tell you that much: the story is awesome, it’s not “popcorn horror”, it will be deep and weird and a massive experience. Agustín is a true horror expert and a genius, and I am happy to be on board. 🙂

Game Site:

Toyborgs developer get LARA Startup Award

Addmore Games, developers of Toyborgs (with our music & sfx), received the LARA startup award at the prestigious award ceremonies on June 30th. The award came with 5000€ for our beloved clients. I got VIP tickets, too, normal price 350€! And here I am in a spontaneous interview (yes, we were caught by surprise and not too sober, either):

And a pic:

Addmore Games with Daniel Pharos on the left

Night of Joeanne wins Living Games Newcomer Award

Night of Joeanne (music / sfx by the Knights of Soundtrack) wins the audience award of the Living Games Festival. Therefore, the game is automatically nominated for the German Developer Awards (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis).

Living Games Festival video features our music

The video report from the Living Games Festival by Wheel Of Games features our music:

“This One’s Gonna Hurt” as was used in the games Hard 2 Morrow (Xbox Indie) and Starcraft: The Outworld Saga (Mod).

Night of Joeanne featured on MTV Game One

Night of Joeanne, for which we supply music & sfx, was featured on Germany’s most important video games TV program “MTV Game One” yesterday. You can watch it here: Night (from about 7:40)

Game Audio Lecture at Uppsala University, Sweden on June 29th

I was invited to hold a lecture about game music and sound effects at the Uppsala University in Sweden. I will be there on June 29th. It is an honour and I am very much looking forward to meeting Sweden’s game design hopefuls. – Daniel

Night of Joeanne won “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” Award

Night of Joeanne, for which we provide music and sound effects, has won the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” (i.e. German Video Game Award) for best student game. The award comes with 35’000 Euro. We are happy for the team. The money will be used to finish the prototype, which will evolve into a commercial game afterwards.

Daniel to voice Lead Role in Warhammer 40K Animated Movie

I was asked to lend my voice to the main character of the CGI film “The Lord Inquisitor” (working title). The project is quite ambitious, and knowing the previous work of director and lead artist Erasmus Brosdau (see artwork below), it will probably look quite awesome when it’s done in about 2 years.  The animated short movie, which is set in the Warhammer 40k universe and will last about 15 minutes, will be shown at film festivals.

New Songs uploaded

We recently added a song each from the games “Gravito”, “Fluch und Siegel”, “Ava’e Off Course” and “Night of Joeanne”.  Enjoy 🙂

Alpha for Bombwar has started

We provided two loops for the Swedish indie browser game Bombwar which has just launched its alpha.

Night of Joanne nominated for “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” Award

Night of Joeanne, for which we provide music and sound effects, is nominated for the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” award, category “Best Student Concept”. “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” is initiated by the German government. The winners will be anounced on April 29th in Berlin and will receive a total of 500.000 Euro.

Completed project: Syno (Ipad)

We finished music and sound effects for Syno, a colour-based game for Ipad, Iphone or Ipod Touch.

Completed Projects: Crysis Hellfire Trailer, Massive Threat

We have recently finished the trailer for Crysis Hellfire, and sound effects for Massive Threat (Games Academy). Plus 2 milestone deliveries and 1 not yet announced project.

Daniel becomes lecturer for Media Composition (FH) at the School of Entertainment & Technology

Daniel will be one of the lecturers for the new course Media Composition (FH) at the School of Entertainment & Technology, university of applied sciences certificate (FH). Courses last 1 year, are partially online plus at selected locations in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

More information can be found here (in German):