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Released: Triple Trouble (iOS)

Triple Trouble by Polynauten has hit the app store, for which we made parts of the sounds, voices and jingles. It’s a cute Match-3 game for Iphone and Ipad… Check it out…

Demolition Dash gets Best Handheld 2011 Award

Hi guys, Demolition Dash received the Best Handheld 2011 award @ Deutsche Entwicklerpreis (German Developer Award). Congratulations!

Also a friendly nod to the other games we helped with, which were nominated and didn’t quite win: Ramacity (Best Social Game)  & Dungeons (Best Game).

Sound Design for Music Video by Nachtmahr

Thomas Rainer (of L’Ame Immortelle fame) asked us to provide sound design for the music video of his band “Nachtmahr”. The provocative, military-styled, girls-in-uniform loving band has invaded dance floors and festivals around the world, so I am quite proud to post the video here. I did the SFX, the ambient music at the beginning, ADR and foley.

Guest lecture at SAE

Yesterday I had the honour to speak at the SAE Institute in Munich about (guess!) Game Music. We talked about what Game Music is and can be and about the problems actually occuring all the time between composers and game developers. We ended with a 2 hours Q&A part, which was lucky for me filled to the end with questions and me ranting.

Thanks to all present, and for the invitation. It’s a lot of fun, and I at least think I get better and better with those lectures, looking forward to more of them…

Out: Dungeons – The Dark Lord

Another game with our music and our sounds is out: “Dungeons – The Dark Lord”, by Realmforge/Kalypso, a standalone add-on to #1 charts hit “Dungeons”. 🙂

Check out the trailer with Dominik’s music (not the Kalypso logo though):

Out: Sengoku (Paradox Interactive)

Sengoku by our friends of Paradox in Sweden is out! We provided 22 songs for this massive feudal Japanese Strategy RPG. Check out this release trailer with one of Dominik’s tracks:

Happy Hills is out for Iphone and Ipad

Yea! It’s out! And it’s free to play!

Happy Hills is a wild action-physics-puzzler, with our dynamic music, sound effects  – and voices by my son and me 😀 Grab the game for free, or check out this trailer:

Demolition Dash for free and #1

Hi guys, Demolition Dash is currently #1 on the App Store among the free apps in a few countries, and as it’s a game we did all audio for, and I am a little proud of the results, I can recommend it again to you, it’s for free until Sunday!

It looks awesome, and has among other things music in 10 different styles! Not bad for iOS me thinks, ey?

Our Article in Making Games

Making Games Magazine is the leading game developer magazine in Germany. I was asked to write an article about audio outsourcing and the relationship between outsourcing partner and developer. Turned out to be 4 pages, so if you are interested, check it out.   -Daniel

Making Games August 2011


New Asylum gameplay video and Knights Dawn update

A Knights Dawn (Iphone/Ipad) has an update with new content, check it out (music & sounds by us).

A Knights Dawn

Asylum by Senscape (Argentina) now revealed a first gameplay video in which you can hear the first tracks of music we prepared  (see below). The game is far from done, it’s a preview, and you can’t see anything of the story yet (believe me, by far the best about the game. The best script I ever was given to read).

Memory® World Tour in Open Beta

We are happy to announce that we provided the music for Memory® World Tour by Ravensburger Digital. It is now in open beta and playable in Facebook, check it out, and give it a nice rating if you like 😀  Fitting to the game, my music tries to evoke a feeling of international travel, vacation and warmth… I think it works out quite well, what do you think?


Ramacity Open Beta has started

Open Beta for Bigpoint’s Ramacity has started. Check out the game, our music, and the first sounds and voices here:

Demolition Dash now available @ App Store

Just one day later, another game we are involved with has hit the App Store. Demolition Dash by Chimera & Dreamfab. It’s a sidescrolling, all destroying beauty with a lot of very diverse music by us. Notice the show theme styled music turn into 8 very different versions as you travel all over the world, Paris, London, Moscow, San Francisco, New York, Rio, Tokyo and Sidney. This game holds no less than 10 different musical styles! And all live instruments I can play, and we did all the voices too, so I am very proud of what we pulled off here. Please check it out, and support the fresh talented guys involved:

Iphone Version 0.79€ / $0.99
Ipad Version 1.59€ / $1.99

Trailer (note: our sound starts after 12 sec)

A Knights Dawn now available @ App Store

A Knights Dawn, a fantasy Tower Defense game for Iphone and Ipad developed by our friends at VisionaryX, is now available on the App Store. It contains a range of fantasy songs, sounds and even some voice acting by your Knights of Soundtrack. It currently costs 0.79€ or $0.99.

Here is a trailer for the game:

Interview about Jerry McPartlin

Here I was caught at the Quo Vades conference talking about the game Jerry McPartlin with which we are involved, together with team lead Marco Dyziek (pictured). We were interviewed by Thomas of And there are also some outtakes of my lecture at Quo Vadis about the pitfalls of game audio

Dungeons #1 German PC game Charts, #6 UK

Last week, Dungeons (containing our music, sfx, and additional voice post-production) entered the German PC game charts at number 1, and UK at #6. A big Wow and congratulations to Realmforge and Kalypso!

I am just adding the main theme to our demos,  trailer is already here if you are interested.


Dungeons (Realmforge/Kalypso)

Dungeons to be released this week

Release date for the German version of Dungeons (Realmforge/Kalypso) is January 27th according to , US release is February 8th according to

An exclusive limited edition metal box can be bought at MediaMarkt (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). It contains beside a lot of other stuff a CD with our soundtrack.





Looking Back at 2010 – Time for Statistics

OK I finally took the time to make a quick look at what 2010 brought.


Our busiest year yet! It appears, Dominik and me made 95 Songs in 2010, for 35 projects, 29 of them games. Not counting reworks, remixes or alternatives.

I delivered 2741 sound effects, ambiences or sound designs for cutscenes to 21 projects, 20 of them games.

And we provided some voices for 6 projects, 5 of them games.

Yes. We had a lot of fun with a lot of games. In January, Handball Simulator 2010, Toyborgs and Hard 2 Morrow came out. I joined the School of Entertainment and Technology as a lecturer and to help with scripts and videos. In April Night of Joeanne received the Deutscher Computerspielpreis for best Student game.

In May, I held my first lecture in Sweden, and our music for Night of Joeanne was played on MTV Game One. June 1st was my last day job work day, plus consecutive move to my new studio mansion, so we are heading full force into soundtracks from that point.  Same month,  3 games we provided audio for were elected #1 #2 and #3 of Living Games Newcomer award.

To top that, Addmore Games, developers of Toyborgs (with our music & sfx), received the prestigious Lara Award in July and I was there, too. In August we surpassed 50 games we worked on (we are currently at about 61). In September we started working on Dungeons (Realmforge/Kalypso), which will come out this present month.

In October, we had the honor to provide new music for Medientage München, the biggest media convention in Germany now in its 25th year! And we started to partner up with soundtrack behemoth Dynamedion for hopefully a lot of projects in the future, so I visited one of their orchestra sessions in Halle that month, and made an official demo song for Cinesamples for them. In the same month – what a month – A New Beginning was released, which had kept us busy on and off for a year or so. Not only was this a lot of fun, it also brought us in December the most amazing finale for 2010: the “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis” (German Developer Award) for Best Soundtrack.

Thanks to all of you for talking to us, following our progress, networking with us, sharing your game ideas with us, giving us jobs and in general, making this the coolest profession on the planet.

With best wishes from my colleague Dominik Morgenroth, towards an awesome 2011,

your audio slave,

Daniel Pharos

Deutscher Entwicklerpreis for Best Soundtrack

At Gamescom 2010