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Looking Back at 2010 – Time for Statistics

OK I finally took the time to make a quick look at what 2010 brought.


Our busiest year yet! It appears, Dominik and me made 95 Songs in 2010, for 35 projects, 29 of them games. Not counting reworks, remixes or alternatives.

I delivered 2741 sound effects, ambiences or sound designs for cutscenes to 21 projects, 20 of them games.

And we provided some voices for 6 projects, 5 of them games.

Yes. We had a lot of fun with a lot of games. In January, Handball Simulator 2010, Toyborgs and Hard 2 Morrow came out. I joined the School of Entertainment and Technology as a lecturer and to help with scripts and videos. In April Night of Joeanne received the Deutscher Computerspielpreis for best Student game.

In May, I held my first lecture in Sweden, and our music for Night of Joeanne was played on MTV Game One. June 1st was my last day job work day, plus consecutive move to my new studio mansion, so we are heading full force into soundtracks from that point.  Same month,  3 games we provided audio for were elected #1 #2 and #3 of Living Games Newcomer award.

To top that, Addmore Games, developers of Toyborgs (with our music & sfx), received the prestigious Lara Award in July and I was there, too. In August we surpassed 50 games we worked on (we are currently at about 61). In September we started working on Dungeons (Realmforge/Kalypso), which will come out this present month.

In October, we had the honor to provide new music for Medientage München, the biggest media convention in Germany now in its 25th year! And we started to partner up with soundtrack behemoth Dynamedion for hopefully a lot of projects in the future, so I visited one of their orchestra sessions in Halle that month, and made an official demo song for Cinesamples for them. In the same month – what a month – A New Beginning was released, which had kept us busy on and off for a year or so. Not only was this a lot of fun, it also brought us in December the most amazing finale for 2010: the “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis” (German Developer Award) for Best Soundtrack.

Thanks to all of you for talking to us, following our progress, networking with us, sharing your game ideas with us, giving us jobs and in general, making this the coolest profession on the planet.

With best wishes from my colleague Dominik Morgenroth, towards an awesome 2011,

your audio slave,

Daniel Pharos

Deutscher Entwicklerpreis for Best Soundtrack

At Gamescom 2010

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