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Nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Sound”

Tomorrow is the annual award ceremony of the German Developer Award (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis), and this year a game we helped with is nominated again for its audio: Crookz (Skilltree/Kalypso) is nominated for “Best Sound”. I provided sound design and on-site audio integration for this game.

Best of luck to the other nominated games, too, especially of course those we also worked on: Dungeons 2 (Realmforge/Kalypso), Forge of Empires Mobile & Elvenar. 🙂

We will be there to meet new and old friends, if you happen to see me, say hello! 🙂


Dungeons 2 – A Game of Winter & A Clash of Pumpkins

We were allowed to revisit the world of Dungeons 2 to work on DLC and a big addon. “A Game of Winter” is pretty massive, containing our sfx & additional music this time, too. Check it out @ Steam, everything “Dungeons” is reduced right now due to Halloween sale. Talking of which, there is also some free Halloween DLC:





“Jerry McPartlin – Rebel With A Cause” has been released



Jerry is out! I have followed the course of this game for quite some time now, in different ways. I helped pitch an early version @ Gamescom, provided music for the announcement trailer, and worked on an earlier version of the story. Sound design, proofreading (by fellow Knight Heike) – you name it! 😉

Anyway, it’s a a rock ‘n roll adventure set in the 50ies, humorous but with a mysterious undercurrant – check it out on Steam or Amazon!


“Coast Guard” has been released

coastguard_esd_webCoast Guard (Reality Twist/Astragon ) is now out! It might look like “just a simulator”, but I think Reality Twist are really fighting here to open up the genre with a cool exciting story and adventure elements. It’s also very topical: It’s a game about refugees, and in another great move, 1 EUR per game sold goes to charity (Gaming Aid e.v.) towards helping refugees.

Ah yeah, Simon helmed the voice recordings and production, I helped a bit with post-production.



– Daniel


“Crooks – The Big Heist” is out now!

“Crookz – The Big Heist” (Skilltree/Kalypso) is out now, featuring my sound design and audio integration.

As I said, I think it turned out quite good, nice stylish and bold game. I had a great time, working closely with the team in Berlin. Therefore, it makes me happy to see that it currently sits at a Metacritic score of 76.

76 Metacritic2

Check it out, as I said earlier, there is also a demo!

Thanks Skilltree & Kalypso for having me 🙂

Crookz – The Big Heist: Demo on Steam!

This very stylish 70ies-style heist/stealth game is available soon, but you can check out the demo right now on Steam!

I worked on Sound Design and On-Site Audio Integration on this title, and I am very happy with the results. The game is fresh, interesting, highly detailed – a title to stand behind. Thanks to Skilltree & Kalypso for the great cooperation. Check it out!


Dungeons 2 (Realmforge/Kalypso) is released!

Happy to announce that Dungeons 2 (Realmforge/Kalypso) is now released!


Over 9 months, I spent some great time working on the sounds, monster voices and audio implementation using Unity 5, working partially on-site together with my mates at Realmforge! There are some cool reviews coming in, including (9/10), who also handed out a sound award!

Check it out on Steam


Now you can check out Elvenar, a new game by InnoGames in which you can choose to play humans or elves!

Given my love for fantasy, I had a lot of fun with the music and sounds.   ESPECIALLY because my friend Kai Rosenkranz ❤ and I composed the theme for the Elves together  😀


Try it out for free in your browser.

Mystic Worlds of Thomas Thiemeyer

Mystic Worlds of Thomas Thiemeyer (Chromatrix) is a puzzle app around the artwork of Mr. Thiemeyer, with my music and sounds! The puzzle aspect has some nice different gameplay ideas which I quite liked. It’s free, check it out on iOS or Android !


Mystery of Neuschwanstein is out!

The mysterious and atmospheric Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure “Mystery of Neuschwanstein” (Chimera/astragon) is now available on Steam (PC/MAC) and iOS. Due to the cool mood, I had a blast with the sound design. Check it out 🙂

Mystery of Neuschwanstein


Bye 2014, Welcome 2015

Goodbye 2014, and a successful 2015 to all of you.

2014 was an interesting one, a bit silent from my side, but I will change that (one of my new year resolutions).

Our focus was on big projects, e.g. 3 excellent ones from Innogames:  Tribal Wars 2, Rising Generals and Elvenar.

And on leveling my skills! After the very deep dive into audio integration for “DARK” with FMOD and the vision engine, I started working on Realmforge’s next title “Dungeons 2” with different middleware (more soon). Next big audio integration job is starting right now. I like to work close to developers and on-site, so this seems to become a new speciality for me 😀

Plus: Writing! My early childhood dream job seems to get more real: I have successfully submitted a game design document to an indie company in 2014! And I have 2 paid writing jobs right now, for 2 adventures. It’s not an easy field to tackle, but very rewarding.

Translation-wise, Heike and I worked a lot on League of Legends in 2014 (for Lingoona).

Finally: My band WORSHIP had some highlights, too, touring Japan in February 2014 and Europe in May, and playing the massive Brutal Assault Open Air Festival.

I am really curious about what will happen in 2015! Maybe we will work together this year?

What are your plans? Let me know!

– Daniel