Music & Sounds for Games & Media

Audio Integration

We are specialized in games. Therefore, we can help with all audio aspects during development, including audio intregration of music, sounds and dialogues using the engine’s or middleware’s individual features, placing sounds in the editor, testing, mixing …  All you need! On-site, off-site or both.

I’m Daniel, responsible for audio intregration in the team. I have experience with the following audio solutions/frameworks:
Unity (4 and 5)
Unreal Engine (3 and 4)
FMOD (Designer and Studio)
Master Audio

Havok® Vision Engine

I have basic programming skills in the following “languages/script languages”: C, VBA, Action Script, Aurora Script, html, php, mysql

I have worked with a wide range of ticket systems/bugtrackers ever since I supervised a tech support department (Mattel Interactive), where I was responsible for 400 games. I worked in QA for 3 years at the same company, partially as QA Lead (on titles like Myst 3 Exile, Panzer General 4 and Warlords Battlecry).

I give lectures about the various audio solutions above at different schools (especially SAE & MDH).

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