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We have reached 175 games!

Wow. Yes, I admit, 25 of them are student games and 6 are mods, but it’s still a baffling number to me. 10 years of providing audio to the games industry!
Cheers, and see you at Gamescom!


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GermanDevDays coming up…

I will be present at GermanDevDays,

May 23rd/24th in Frankfurt/Main …

If you want to meet, drop me a line


Inhouse Audio Design Project for Ubisoft Bluebyte


August to September 2017, I had the very special honor and duty to help out on-site & fulltime (5 days a week) at Ubisoft Bluebyte as an audio designer, working in the trenches with the audio team of audio director Stefan Randelshofer.

This was beyond helpful & insightful, I learned so many new things & tricks, new perspectives, different ways to work with and think about audio, while being involved with 3 games, both international and national IPs. I mean, I am doing this for a while, but this big picture perspective of a company like Ubisoft, and Stefan’s strife for excellence – this was a great level up for me, for sure.

From the beginning, this was a limited position until the end of September, but we will of course stay in touch and who knows, maybe we will ride into battle again! Big thanks to the team: Stefan, Tino, Felix, Gabs and Arne, and all the other folks at Ubisoft Blue Byte! Thanks for the opportunity!

I hope to be able to shed more light on the specific games I got to work on, but safe to say, I take a lot of new input & energy into 2018!


Divinity – Original Sin 2!


My kind of karmic boomerang: I bought Original Sin 1 three times (2x for PC coop, 1x for Xbox), and chances are, if we ever met at a convention, that you had to endure one of my rants about that new wave of intelligent indie RPGs, where your choices and actions matter, where the world reacts to what you do, where you are not just chasing arrows to an x on a map …   of which Divinity Original Sin is a prime example.

Cut to 2017, when we (mostly Heike) were asked to help with the translation of Divinity – Original Sin 2 (Larian Studios)! It has been a huge team (thx to Riotloc), okay, but I am more than happy to be connected to this stellar new wave rpg series now!

All this, and a whooping metacritic score of 93 (!), should tell you: Check out Divinity – Original Sin 2!


LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 is out!


LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 is out for PC, Xbox One and PS4! Heike and I had the honor and joy to translate the whole thing into German, and let me tell you: We had a lot of fun. Seriously, I sat there, concentrating and all work-like, to then honestly lol out of the blue, because a great joke caught me off-guard.

The basic premise is hilarious: Supervillain steals a few dimensions and connects them to a super-city under his evil rule. All through the game, you have cultures clash,  New Yorkers checking out medieval England, knights visiting ancient Egypt, vikings in the future …  Add to that an extreme roster of 200 characters (including some very very obscure ones!), great jokes that don’t treat you like a kid, bizarre and funny situations and mesh-ups – if you want it super crazy, check out the GwenPool parts. Yes, GwenPool, a character that is basically an internet meme rather than an actual Marvel character, plays a major role here. Her missions are really absurd. NDA-wise I don’t feel good about giving too many examples myself, but I can quote Kotaku: “Another has Howard the Duck and Forbush Man breaking into a comic book convention to debut the video game they’ve developed.” Yes. WTF and glorious. And if you think this is a kiddy game, watch the game go on about NDAs, pitching a game, patching, DLC etc.

I would love to add more of my favorites, but a quick google search tells me how superficially those reviewers dash through their games, because most of the best parts have not been commented on yet. So I wont spoil them here. 🙂

Yes, it’s also a LEGO® game, so I think you know whether you will like gameplay and mechanics. Some people do, some don’t. But I can heartily recommend the writing 😀 We really fought to make the German version as funny as the original, and the German reviews so far seem to notice.

Thanks to Synthesis, Roland Austinat, Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros.



Working for Blizzcon!


Happy to announce that Heike and I are working for Blizzcon this weekend! We are part of a huge team, helping with the German version of the presentation.

Check this video here to see how you can join the event online:


Dungeons 3 is out now! (PC/Xbox One/PS4)


Happy to say that Dungeons 3 is out now (for PC, Xbox One and PS4)! It was a big honor and fun working on the sound and audio integration for my friends at Realmforge in Munich again. Super happy to see the good reviews coming in, congrats to the team!

Thanks to everyone at Realmforge for allowing me to be part of this development adventure! It was a pleasure!

Lost Earth 2307!

Today, I want to present to you a very special game I have been helping with since 2013. It was finished earlier this year. Sadly, you can’t really test it out, it’s a very special thing:

Lost Earth 2307 is a 4X space game AND a serious game, produced by Fraunhofer Institute for use in education by the German military (“Bundeswehr”). This time, I was involved in many areas: Music, sound design, voice recordings, editing & post-production, on-site audio integration using FMOD, text work, video editing and scripting them using ActionScript!

A BIG thanks to Daniel Atorf and the great team of scientist I had the pleasure to work with! Especially the on-site work was a fresh experience, to work with scientists is a pleasant thing! Thanks to Simon & Linked Dimensions!

Ostwind – The Game has just been released …

Ostwind – Das Spiel” (Aesir Interactive/Eurovideo) is out now for PC! “Ostwind” is a big series of movies and books about horses, very popular with a young female audience in particular, and we had the chance to help with the translations! 🙂 Thanks for the ride!

See you at GermanDevDays

GermanDevDays, May 23rd / May 24th in Frankfurt/Main, Germany! It’s the 2nd installment of this nice event by Stefan Marcinek (most known as the former Kalypso CEO). Let’s meet, remeet and such! See you there!


Back from Quo Vadis conference

End of last month, I was in Berlin for Quo Vadis conference. This time, I was exhibitor thanks to the efforts of Kai Rosenkranz, who set up a great shared booth for video game composers. Big thanks to him, to my fellow booth partners and to everyone I met at the conference. Still need to write all the mails, but they will come. 😉

Our European Game Composers booth (I'm 3rd from the left)<br /> Photo credits: Uwe Voelkner / FOX

Our European Game Composers booth (I’m 3rd from the left)
Photo credits: Uwe Voelkner / FOX

“Dungeons 3” announced

Dungeons 3 (Realmforge/Kalypso) was announced today! Glad to add that I am working on sound design again, and it’s a huge blast! Release on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One & PS4 is scheduled for autumn 2017.


( Read more )






“Sacred Legends” is out now!

A mobile game in the famous SACRED series, “Sacred Legends”  is out now (with my sound effects)! Super proud to be involved, thanks to Chimera & Deep Silver FISHLABS!

Download the game for Android here.

Download the game for iOS here.

Deep Silver FISHLABS website
Deep Silver website
Chimera Entertainment website


Sacred Legends!


New game in the sacred series, and I am involved! Can’t tell you more at this point, but Sacred is of course a famous and long-running rpg series, and I am happy and proud to work on the forthcoming Sacred Legends. Check out their facebook page for more info. 🙂

Nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Sound”

Tomorrow is the annual award ceremony of the German Developer Award (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis), and this year a game we helped with is nominated again for its audio: Crookz (Skilltree/Kalypso) is nominated for “Best Sound”. I provided sound design and on-site audio integration for this game.

Best of luck to the other nominated games, too, especially of course those we also worked on: Dungeons 2 (Realmforge/Kalypso), Forge of Empires Mobile & Elvenar. 🙂

We will be there to meet new and old friends, if you happen to see me, say hello! 🙂


Dungeons 2 – A Game of Winter & A Clash of Pumpkins

We were allowed to revisit the world of Dungeons 2 to work on DLC and a big addon. “A Game of Winter” is pretty massive, containing our sfx & additional music this time, too. Check it out @ Steam, everything “Dungeons” is reduced right now due to Halloween sale. Talking of which, there is also some free Halloween DLC:





“Jerry McPartlin – Rebel With A Cause” has been released



Jerry is out! I have followed the course of this game for quite some time now, in different ways. I helped pitch an early version @ Gamescom, provided music for the announcement trailer, and worked on an earlier version of the story. Sound design, proofreading (by fellow Knight Heike) – you name it! 😉

Anyway, it’s a a rock ‘n roll adventure set in the 50ies, humorous but with a mysterious undercurrant – check it out on Steam or Amazon!


“Crooks – The Big Heist” is out now!

“Crookz – The Big Heist” (Skilltree/Kalypso) is out now, featuring my sound design and audio integration.

As I said, I think it turned out quite good, nice stylish and bold game. I had a great time, working closely with the team in Berlin. Therefore, it makes me happy to see that it currently sits at a Metacritic score of 76.

76 Metacritic2

Check it out, as I said earlier, there is also a demo!

Thanks Skilltree & Kalypso for having me 🙂

Crookz – The Big Heist: Demo on Steam!

This very stylish 70ies-style heist/stealth game is available soon, but you can check out the demo right now on Steam!

I worked on Sound Design and On-Site Audio Integration on this title, and I am very happy with the results. The game is fresh, interesting, highly detailed – a title to stand behind. Thanks to Skilltree & Kalypso for the great cooperation. Check it out!


Dungeons 2 (Realmforge/Kalypso) is released!

Happy to announce that Dungeons 2 (Realmforge/Kalypso) is now released!


Over 9 months, I spent some great time working on the sounds, monster voices and audio implementation using Unity 5, working partially on-site together with my mates at Realmforge! There are some cool reviews coming in, including (9/10), who also handed out a sound award!

Check it out on Steam


Now you can check out Elvenar, a new game by InnoGames in which you can choose to play humans or elves!

Given my love for fantasy, I had a lot of fun with the music and sounds.   ESPECIALLY because my friend Kai Rosenkranz ❤ and I composed the theme for the Elves together  😀


Try it out for free in your browser.

Mystic Worlds of Thomas Thiemeyer

Mystic Worlds of Thomas Thiemeyer (Chromatrix) is a puzzle app around the artwork of Mr. Thiemeyer, with my music and sounds! The puzzle aspect has some nice different gameplay ideas which I quite liked. It’s free, check it out on iOS or Android !


Bye 2014, Welcome 2015

Goodbye 2014, and a successful 2015 to all of you.

2014 was an interesting one, a bit silent from my side, but I will change that (one of my new year resolutions).

Our focus was on big projects, e.g. 3 excellent ones from Innogames:  Tribal Wars 2, Rising Generals and Elvenar.

And on leveling my skills! After the very deep dive into audio integration for “DARK” with FMOD and the vision engine, I started working on Realmforge’s next title “Dungeons 2” with different middleware (more soon). Next big audio integration job is starting right now. I like to work close to developers and on-site, so this seems to become a new speciality for me 😀

Plus: Writing! My early childhood dream job seems to get more real: I have successfully submitted a game design document to an indie company in 2014! And I have 2 paid writing jobs right now, for 2 adventures. It’s not an easy field to tackle, but very rewarding.

Translation-wise, Heike and I worked a lot on League of Legends in 2014 (for Lingoona).

Finally: My band WORSHIP had some highlights, too, touring Japan in February 2014 and Europe in May, and playing the massive Brutal Assault Open Air Festival.

I am really curious about what will happen in 2015! Maybe we will work together this year?

What are your plans? Let me know!

– Daniel

Good luck at the German Developer Awards today!

… especially to the nominated games we had the honour to help with:

Best Simulation: Die Seenotretter (Reality Twist GmbH)
Best Youth Game: Blackguards (Daedalic Entertainment GmbH)
Best Browser Game: Tribal Wars 2 (InnoGames GmbH)
Best Game Design: Blackguards (Daedalic Entertainment GmbH)
Best Strategy: Blackguards (Daedalic Entertainment GmbH)

Good luck! I can’t make it today to the award ceremony, next time!