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DE10_Soundtrack2010_official_RGB award_adventurecorner_2012_smallAdventuretreff best presentation 2013

“1st class soundtrack… outstanding soundtrack… good sound effects”
Gamestar about Memoria

“A soundtrack to fall in love with …
wonderful fantasy tracks accompany the game atmospherically
from the first minute to the last.”
about “Memoria” (Daedalic/Deep Silver)

“The music is beautiful […] The background music is fully orchestrated and lavishly produced and written,
helping to extend the game’s fairytale atmosphere even further. The main menu theme in particular is haunting
and sets the tone exceptionally well.” about “Memoria” (Daedalic/Deep Silver), Sound 95%

“the music score is absolutely fantastic, from the soft-playing harp melodies in the menu screen to the gripping orchestrations during the final chapters. They’re so good, in fact, that you’ll wish the game included unlockable music tracks in the Bonus menu. The ambient sounds of your surroundings are equally pleasing, and whether the locations are teaming with life or buried beneath the surface of the land, you’ll never doubt your ears. […] beautiful array of ambient sound effects and mesmerizing orchestrations.”
Cheat Code Central about “Memoria” (Daedalic/Deep Silver)

“…exceptional soundtrack…”
German Computer Game Awards 2013 jury statement about GroundPlay (Best Student Game)

“…pleasant background music…”
German Computer Game Awards 2013 jury statement about Forge of Empires (Best Browser Game)

“(+) Well done Soundtrack, music and sounds fitting to the mood”
PC Gamer about “The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav” (Daedalic/Deep Silver)

“The exceedingly well fitting soundtrack with its soulful
and fantastic themes plays a big part in creating this atmosphere…”
Gamestar about “A New Beginning” (Daedalic/Deep Silver), 84%
Gamestar Award for Special Atmosphere

“The first edition of „A New Beginning“ comes with its own soundtrack cd and deservedly so. The music not only sounds as if it came right out of a Hollywood blockbuster, it also brilliantly succeeds in reflecting the game`s atmosphere.”
Adventure Corner about “A New Beginning” (Daedalic/Deep Silver), 90%

„The soundtrack is truly amazing as it’s multifaceted and accompanying the game’s plot harmoniously.“
Adventure-Treff about “A New Beginning” (Daedalic/Deep Silver), 87%)

„…excellent scoring…beautiful soundtrack.
Graphics and music are on a very high level and ace out other games […] by far.“ about “A New Beginning” (Daedalic/Deep Silver), 87%)

“The soundtrack is an enjoyment concerning composition and production” about Broken Sword 2.5, 5/5

“From the moment you boot the game, you can clearly notice the amount of work that has gone to the game graphics and sound. Every city is themed with their stereotypical buildings and landmarks while the background music also adapts to every country. The melody is the same, but the instruments are changed to match the atmosphere for each country, which is a really nice touch.”
Appfreak about “Demolition Dash” (Chimera/Dreamfab)

“Clearly a lot of love was put into the music, and it paid off”
Touch Arcade about “Demolition Dash” (Chimera/Dreamfab)

“Attention to detail is an area where Demolition Dash truly outshines the competition – artistic creativity and high production values result some of the most original work seen an iOS game yet. […] Cars exploding, birds fluttering away and leaving their feathers behind, trees getting ripped apart, billboards being shredded and balloons popping not only have their own distinct visual flair, but are accompanied by crisp audio cues which sound extremely lifelike. Each city has its own musical setting to accompany the visual differences – close your eyes while playing the game and you’ll still be able to recognize which city Zilla is tromping through. The distinct choices of music which have been selected for each locale are that good!”
ifanzine about “Demolition Dash” (Chimera/Dreamfab)

“I’ve already commented on how I love the art style, but when playing the game it was the music that grabbed my attention this time. The same music plays through each level, but it is given a themed twist each time using instruments and styles of the particular region you are playing in… it’s a pretty nice detail.”
touchgen about “Demolition Dash” (Chimera/Dreamfab)

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