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“Coast Guard” has been released

coastguard_esd_webCoast Guard (Reality Twist/Astragon ) is now out! It might look like “just a simulator”, but I think Reality Twist are really fighting here to open up the genre with a cool exciting story and adventure elements. It’s also very topical: It’s a game about refugees, and in another great move, 1 EUR per game sold goes to charity (Gaming Aid e.v.) towards helping refugees.

Ah yeah, Simon helmed the voice recordings and production, I helped a bit with post-production.



– Daniel


Mystery of Neuschwanstein is out!

The mysterious and atmospheric Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure “Mystery of Neuschwanstein” (Chimera/astragon) is now available on Steam (PC/MAC) and iOS. Due to the cool mood, I had a blast with the sound design. Check it out 🙂

Mystery of Neuschwanstein


“Ambulance Simulator 2014” trailer is up

“Ambulance Simulator 2014” (by Z-Software/astragon) will be released later this year. It features our music, sound effects and dynamic sound integration using FMOD.

This new trailer features music that is a little bit different to what you have heard from us before. 😉 Check it out.