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New Asylum gameplay video and Knights Dawn update

A Knights Dawn (Iphone/Ipad) has an update with new content, check it out (music & sounds by us).

A Knights Dawn

Asylum by Senscape (Argentina) now revealed a first gameplay video in which you can hear the first tracks of music we prepared  (see below). The game is far from done, it’s a preview, and you can’t see anything of the story yet (believe me, by far the best about the game. The best script I ever was given to read).

We provide Music & SFX for ASYLUM!

We have the trailer on our start page for a while – as it has recently been announced, Scratches mastermind Agustín Cordes and his new company Senscape are working on ASYLUM, a first person horror adventure.  And we provide Music and SFX (plus voices in the trailer) for it. I can tell you that much: the story is awesome, it’s not “popcorn horror”, it will be deep and weird and a massive experience. Agustín is a true horror expert and a genius, and I am happy to be on board. 🙂

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