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New Songs uploaded

We recently added a song each from the games “Gravito”, “Fluch und Siegel”, “Ava’e Off Course” and “Night of Joeanne”.  Enjoy 🙂

New projects: Crysis Hellfire, Sui&Cide and Gravito

While we are still busy with Daedalic’s new game A New Beginning (their last game The Whispered World is nominated for 6 (!) German Developer Awards including Best Game, congrats!), we have a few games coming up for 2010 I would like to tell you about. These are

Crysis Hellfire

with totally different music approaches, this will be a lot of fun. I have some other interesting things coming up, which I will tell you about later. If you like us to work on your game, too, I am always here for you.