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Completed projects and Knights Of Soundtrack live

One of my PCs died some time ago so I took the chance to migrate to a 64 Bit system, loving it.

We finished music/SFX for Kumpa, Handball Simulator 2010, Toyborgs and GameFeature Podcast.

You can buy Kumpa at the Android Store.

Handball Simulator 2010 will be released January 2010 (Z-Software / Astragon).

Toyborgs will be released on Dec 19th 2009 @ Xbox Indie Games. The release party is on Dec 12th 2009, and the Knights Of Soundtrack will be performing the massive rock soundtrack live at a premium location in Düsseldorf, Germany! If you want to attend, let me know, I’ll try to smuggle you in. 🙂  By the way, all songs are online for free on the game’s website!

You can also check out GameFeature Podcast‘s episode #55 (German), containing our music.

Working on Toyborgs, Kumpa & Handball Simulator 2010

These games we have been working on for some time now are now announced:
Toyborgs (Addmore Games)
Handball Simulator 2010 (Z-Software / Astragon)

Also, my team is working on 2 new games, including:
Kumpa (GreenRobot)