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Lecture at the University of Vienna

Tomorrow I’ll give a lecture at the University of Vienna, Austria. I’ll talk about music for games with student composers… Vienna is beautiful and I am glad that I was invited. It’s the 4th educational facility I am doing this at, and it’s always a pleasure and an interesting change to my normal routine…

– Daniel

Guest lecture at SAE

Yesterday I had the honour to speak at the SAE Institute in Munich about (guess!) Game Music. We talked about what Game Music is and can be and about the problems actually occuring all the time between composers and game developers. We ended with a 2 hours Q&A part, which was lucky for me filled to the end with questions and me ranting.

Thanks to all present, and for the invitation. It’s a lot of fun, and I at least think I get better and better with those lectures, looking forward to more of them…

Daniel becomes lecturer for Media Composition (FH) at the School of Entertainment & Technology

Daniel will be one of the lecturers for the new course Media Composition (FH) at the School of Entertainment & Technology, university of applied sciences certificate (FH). Courses last 1 year, are partially online plus at selected locations in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

More information can be found here (in German):