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Medientage München Video now uploaded

We added the Medientage München video, which we helped storyboarding and provided music for, to our page Watch. You can also check it out below.

Thanks to awesome artist Erasmus Brosdau for the graphics, and to the Medientage crew for the extreme honor!

We provided this alternative music for the massive event in its 24th year, with everyone who is someone in Germany’s media industry, heads of every TV Channel and newspaper, 8 ministers, a lot of TV teams… Wow. I was a little bit awed when I attended the event.

The first jingle was provided by no other than Mr. Klaus Doldinger, one of Germany’s most famous composers (Tatort, Das Boot, Neverending Story), and is still used alternately. Cool to be connected to all that!

New Music for Medientage München

Today is the last day of Medientage München 2010, the big media congress in Munich, Germany. We were asked to provide music for a new intro video to add to the old one as an alternative.

As the event has reached its 24th year, the original music jingle is not becoming younger, either. It was composed by legendary Klaus Doldinger (Tatort, Das Boot, Neverending Story), so it was a big honor for me to provide the new music! Add to that the size of the event (with the heads of all national TV Channels and newspapers and 8 ministers present)…

Will post the new video soon, will have to wait for permission. 🙂

[EDIT] We have now uploaded the video.