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Out now: Toyborgs (Xbox) and Handball Simulator 2010 European Tournament (PC)

We are happy to announce 2 games which came out yesterday and today:

Toyborgs is a multiplayer 2D Robot Party Fun Shooter for Xbox Live Indie Games, availabe for 240 points here:  It contains a heavy metal score and SFX by the Knights of Soundtrack.

Handball Simulator 2010 European Tournament is the world’s first handball action simulator, published by Astragon, containing sound effects by us.

Completed projects and Knights Of Soundtrack live

One of my PCs died some time ago so I took the chance to migrate to a 64 Bit system, loving it.

We finished music/SFX for Kumpa, Handball Simulator 2010, Toyborgs and GameFeature Podcast.

You can buy Kumpa at the Android Store.

Handball Simulator 2010 will be released January 2010 (Z-Software / Astragon).

Toyborgs will be released on Dec 19th 2009 @ Xbox Indie Games. The release party is on Dec 12th 2009, and the Knights Of Soundtrack will be performing the massive rock soundtrack live at a premium location in Düsseldorf, Germany! If you want to attend, let me know, I’ll try to smuggle you in. 🙂  By the way, all songs are online for free on the game’s website!

You can also check out GameFeature Podcast‘s episode #55 (German), containing our music.

Working on Toyborgs, Kumpa & Handball Simulator 2010

These games we have been working on for some time now are now announced:
Toyborgs (Addmore Games)
Handball Simulator 2010 (Z-Software / Astragon)

Also, my team is working on 2 new games, including:
Kumpa (GreenRobot)