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One area we can help you with is translations: German to English and English to German.

Our in-house translator Heike has a degree in translations and works almost exclusively on games and press releases for games. Daniel provides additional proof-reading, building on his 3 years of localization experience working for the publisher Mattel Interactive (e.g. Warlords Battlecry, Panzer General 4, Myst 3 Exile).

For translations into English, we like to work with a local proofreader, who is a native speaker.

Among the projects we worked on are 3 big US games (as part of Lingoona‘s translation team): Elder Scrolls Online, League of Legends and a 3rd one, which has not been announced yet. Of course we also work for smaller games, apps and indie titles. Other games include StingOut, Doomsday, Asylum, Goldrush and Waterpark Tycoon. Just contact us at translations (at) knightsofsoundtrack (dot) com !

 Elder Scrolls Online


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